FundExpert Freedom

With ready to deploy web and mobile applications, FundExpert freedom is the quickest way to bring your financial advisory online and allow your clients to invest online without ever signing another piece of paper.


Common labeled web & mobile applications

Give your clients access to FundExpert's Android & iOS application (rated 4.6 star on Google play store) and web platform with customised look and feel to reflect the true vision of your business.

You will get your custom app link on Google play store with app screens branded with your title, tagline, logo & colors.

You will also get a standard template website like or link your existing website with the special signup/login link of

To get an even more customized experience for your clients, select the appropriate whitelabel option from below.


A complete paperless solution

With paperless onboarding & investment process coupled with automated data sync up, FundExpert enabled you to run and grow your business with minimul efforts.

  • Paperless client Onboarding
  • Online mandates & video KYC
  • Automated data sync with RTA

Transact online in all asset classes

Allow your clients to invest in additional asset classes such as Stocks, Insurance, NPS, P2P Investments, Capital gain bonds, Gold etc. Each such asset class will generate additional Payout for you which is transferred to your bank account every month making it a great income booster for you.


Our software suite of business management

Our suite of business management solutions is fully equiped not only to support your existing clients but to help you get more clients and thrive in your business.

  • Financial Portfolio Reports
  • Get Clients’ External Portfolio
  • Goal Centric Financial Planning
  • Advisor choice Thematic Baskets
  • Admin Panel with Business Analytics
  • CRM Capabilities
  • Send APP notifications to users
  • Webspace for hosting your website
  • DNS server with emails at your own domain
  • RM Assigned for Immediate Support
  • Raise any issue or Give suggestions through Email Ticketing System
  • Whatsapp Channel for Ongoing Updates
  • New Products/Features Added Every Month
  • Support Webinars/Videos for New Features


YourName branded Standard Android Application

Get your name branded mobile application instead of FundExpert on Google play store.

YourName branded iOS Application

Get your name branded mobile application instead of FundExpert on Apple app store.

Standard 2 page Template Whitelabel Website

Let your clients login & signup from the standard 2 page template website on your own domain e.g. It will have a home page and NFO Page. Alternatively link up with your existing Website home page through Login Option.

Website Designing with Additional Pages

Select customization plan for your web portal.

Standard 5 pages Corporate website

Standard designed 5 pages corporate portal on your own domain e.g.

Multiple Pages corporate website

Multiple Pages (upto 15 pages) corporate portal on your own domain e.g.


CRM Application

Get Access to customer relationship manager with complete sales flow, work flow, email templates, follow up management and customer analytics.

Sub Broker / Team Management Module

Three tier hierarchy

Expand your business with your team of Sub Brokers / Associates / Advisors / Employees. A three tier hierarchy will be in place with You - team - Clients. Your team can only see/manage their clients

Four Level hierarchy

Expand your business with your team of Sub Brokers / Associates / Advisors / Employees with anothe level of Branch heads to monitor them. A four tier hierarchy will be in place with You - branch head - team - Clients. Your branch head/team can only see/manage their clients/team. If you need any further levels for reporting or monitoring, please contact us for custom pricing request.

2500/Extra ARN/annum
Multi ARN Datafeed integration

Multiple ARN within same family? No issues, Now you / your client can see all his data at one place by integrating all the ARNs data together.


FundExpert Freedom

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